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Ministry of Agriculture

Milk quotas

         As part of the European Community, Bulgaria in 2007 the system of milk quotas. The purpose of this system under Regulation (EC) 1234/2007, is to regulate the production of milk and milk products in the EU.
         Each member country has a national quota allocated. National quota is subject to change for the quota year if:
    quota for direct sales is converted into a quota for deliveries;
    quota delivery is turned into a quota for direct sales;
    if the quota is purchased.
    Quota year starts on 01 April and ending on March 31.
         The national quota is allocated among producers of cow's milk. Each producer receives an individual quota for his farm. The allocation covers the amount of milk that each manufacturer can offer the market without paying a contribution for the quota year.
         There are two types of quota: individual quota for deliveries and individual quota for direct sales. 
         Under a quota for direct sales shall mean any sale or transfer of milk, which is made directly from the producer to the consumer, and any sale or transfer to other dairy products made by producer.
         Under the quota for each delivery means delivery of milk, excluding all other milk products from a manufacturer to a purchaser, whether the transport is done by the producer, purchaser, an undertaking processing or treating such products or third party.
         Each producers, depending on the needs of their farms can possess both types of quota.
    In implementing the scheme "Milk quotas" part of State Fund Agriculture - Payment Agency and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
    The role of the Paying Agency is:
    to accept the declarations of the completion of delivery quotas and direct sales,
    to control administrative and through spot checks on the correctness of the declarations,
    to register the transfer and conversion of quotas,
    to calculate and collect levies / contributions in excess of individual milk quotas,
    to collect fines for delay in declaring their,
    to send information required by regulations and taxes in excess of national quotas to DG AGRI.
    The role of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food is:
    to administer the national reserve of milk quotas;
    to accept applications for the quota from the national reserve;
    to approve the purchaser of cow's milk;
    to withdraw approval of the purchaser of cow's milk.


  • Producers of cow's milk
  • For the transfer of individual milk quotas without the producer's holding
  • European and Bulgarian legislation (milk)
  • Approved purchasers of cow's milk

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