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Ministry of Agriculture

2,460 fruit growers received BGN 1.4 million for plant protection activities during the winter

    The State Fund Agriculture (SFA) transferred nearly BGN 1.4 million. (BGN 1,392,906) under the scheme "Aid to compensate the costs of farmers related to the implementation of measures under the National Pest Control Program in permanent crops during the winter". Subsidies were received by 2,460 eligible farmers growing permanent crops. During the admission period, which took place from 11 to 29 October, 2,603 fruit and vegetable growers submitted documents for targeted support.
   The financial support is provided for purchase of plant protection products used in the autumn during the period of mass leaf fall and leaf rot. The total area declared by the farmers is 17,295 hectares. The financial support is up to BGN 100 per hectare including VAT. The expenses made for plant protection products, incurred after submitting a written application to the regional directorates of the Fund, before the activity at the respective stage of pest control has started, are subsidized.
    Funds are paid only for plant protection products purchased from persons who are traders within the meaning of the Commercial Law and have a certificate for trade in plant protection products. The other requirement is that they be included in the public register of the BFSA for authorized plant protection products. The scheme aims to minimize the losses of farmers from the spread of pests on permanent crops.
    The state aid budget was increased last week by a decision of the SFA Management Board from BGN 6 million to BGN 6,120 million. The support is provided in two stages. The funds for the first stage were paid in the spring. They cover the costs incurred by the farmers for plant protection activities on permanent crops in the period after the passage of the frosts until the swelling of the fruit buds. Then 3,479 gardeners and fruit growers absorbed BGN 4.7 million. (BGN 4,712,535).

                        3 December 2021                                 SF Agriculture – PA


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