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Bulgarian Beekeeping Program is among the most successful in the European Union

Bulgaria is one of the EU countries with the highest absorption of funds under the Program for development of beekeeping. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Tzvetan Dimitrov during a press conference for reporting the absorption of funds under the National program for development of beekeeping and the National program for development of the vine and wine sector.
Deputy Minister Dimitrov pointed out that the Beekeeping program is an example of successful cooperation between administration and branch organizations. The implementation of both programs is a proof that institutions are working well and Bulgaria is successfully utilizing the opportunity for absorption of fund, the Executive Director of State Fund Agriculture Svetoslav Simeonov said.
For 2010 the absorbed budget under the program is about 78%, paid funds amount to 1 771 423,29 BGN and contracted resources are 100%, the Deputy Executive Director of SF Agriculture Angel Kinanov reported. He explained that that funding and the interest in the program is primarily focused on the purchase of hives and bee colonies by the beneficiaries. The new beekeeping program 2011-2013, approved by the European Commission, has a budget of 19 588 640 BGN which is three times higher than the one of the previous program, he added. The Deputy Executive Director specified that new opportunities for support are foreseen in the new program aimed at training and qualification of professionals in apiculture, promotion of Bulgarian bee honey, development of good apiculture practices, development of new scientific and applied subjects, etc.
Funding paid under the Program for development of the vine and wine sector amounts to 27 487 370, 27 BGN for the financial 2010, which represents approximately 66% of the annual budget. The total financial resources under the program, which amount to 112 million EUR for the whole programming period, are divided into three measures - Restructuring and conversion of vineyards, Promotion in third countries and Harvest insurance.
The total budget for 2009/2010 under measure Restructuring and conversion of vineyards is 33 372 300,00 BGN. To date the contracted investments are 59 and the initially approved financial assistance comes to the value of 29 202 741,63 BGN, the paid projects are worth 26 408 010,86 BGN.
 The total budget for 2010 under the measure Harvest insurance is 4 000 000 BGN, 53 applications were paid to the value of 1 079 359,41 BGN financial assistance.

The annual budget foreseen for the financial year 2009/2010 under the measure Promotion in third countries is 2 120 000 EUR, 2 projects have been submitted to date and are in the process of approval, Angel Kinanov informed.


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