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Delivery of fruit and vegetables for schools and kindergartens under the School Fruit scheme is launched

From today all applicants under the European scheme School Fruit that were approved by State Fund Agriculture may start deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables. Deliveries should be carried out in compliance with the schedules of delivery for the entire school year 2010/2011 provided by the participants in the scheme. On the basis of these schedules children from kindergartens and schools participating in the School Fruit scheme will receive free fruit and vegetables.
We remind that the total number of deliveries for the year 2010/2011 for each school participating in the School Fruit scheme must be at least 60 (i.e. twice a week) and the beneficiaries are required to provide at least four different products per month. The list of products includes apples, pears, peaches, plums, cherries, grapes, bananas, tangerines, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and carrots. Supplies of fruit and vegetables will be carried out by the end of the school year - 31.05.2011. More information on the method of implementation of the supplies and the necessary documents for obtaining financial assistance under the scheme can be found on the web page of State Fund Agriculture-
The total number of children who will receive free fruit and vegetables with the financial support of the European Community for the current school year is 126 710. This is approximately 40% of the 320 634 children in the target group. The target group under the scheme comprises children from third and preparatory group of public, municipal and private kindergartens and pupils from preparatory to fourth grade (inclusive) of public, municipal and private schools.
The amount of financial assistance for purchase of fruit and vegetables for this school year is estimated at 2 601 356.3 BGN. The aid is provided by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund and by the state budget in the form of national co-financing.
The School Fruit scheme will be accompanied by pedagogical measures to be implemented by the kindergartens and schools. The teachers are required to organize lectures, quizzes, games, exhibitions and other entertainment by which to create healthy eating habits among children.
In the current year the program will encompass a total of 1061 educational establishments throughout the country, who have applied and been approved up to date, or 24% of all establishments. The National strategy for implementation of the scheme for provision of fruit and vegetables to the educational establishments in Bulgaria for the period 1 August 2010 – 31 July 2011 envisages participation of 824 establishments. The figures show the great interest of participants and 29% more establishments above the indicators set out in the strategy.
The School Fruit scheme expressly prohibits the distribution of genetically modified products in schools. The storage, preparation and provision of products to children and pupils are in full conformity with the requirements of the Food Act. For the purpose of ensuring high level of protection of children’s health and encouraging their healthy eating habits all products with added sugar, fat, salt or sweeteners are ineligible for support under the scheme.
We recall that all educational establishments in the country were informed in writing about the possibility and conditions of submitting an application for assistance in the Paying Agency for school year 2010-2011, through the Regional Inspectorates of Education at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science.

15 September 2010                                       SF Agriculture – Paying Agency


17 899 635 BGN

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