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Nikolay Kavardzhikliev: SFA-RA paid over BGN 136 million within five days

   In just five days, the State Fund "Agriculture" - Paying Agency (SFA - RA) ordered payments of over BGN 136 million (BGN 136,265,375) to help farmers. The funds are in three directions - "State Aid", "Direct Payments" and "Agricultural Market Mechanisms". This was announced by the executive director of the institution Nikolay Kavardzhikliev.

   "Farmers are worried about the start of the business season and EU governments are worried about ensuring the food security of their people. Against the background of the tense international situation, rising energy prices, which lead to a jump in the cost of new agricultural products, the work of the Paying Agency is extremely responsible. We must adequately protect the interests of Bulgarian farmers. It is extremely important for them whether the subsidies from the 2021 Campaign will come in time to set the new harvest or to provide food for the animals before it is too late. The Agriculture Fund approaches this multi-layered complex situation with great responsibility and understanding. That is why I am committed to the farmers not to delay even a day the payments to them. Assistance is most useful and effective when provided in a timely manner, at the right time. If the assistance is late, even if its amount is many times bigger, it becomes meaningless, "Kavardzhikliev stressed.

   On Monday, the SFA transferred nearly BGN 20 million (BGN 19,431,786) to breeders who raise cows, heifers, buffaloes, ewes and goats under the de minimis scheme. The funds were distributed among 10,310 farmers.

   On March 8, the Paying Agency paid nearly BGN 13 million (BGN 12,850,016) under the two European schemes "School Fruit" and "School Milk" for the academic year 2021/2022. Of these, BGN 10,256,303 are for realized deliveries of fruits, vegetables, milk and dairy products in schools and kindergartens. BGN 461,057 are for reimbursement of costs for delivery of honey, and BGN 2,132,656 are for reimbursement of value added tax (VAT) of the approved contractors.

   On March 9, 1,985 farmers who grow old indigenous breeds and apply the requirements for pastoralism received nearly BGN 28 million (BGN 27,935,542). The financial support is under measure 10 "Agri-environment and climate" of the RDP 2014 - 2020.

   "Today we authorized BGN 76 million to fruit growers and gardeners under the seven coupled support schemes for fruit and vegetables for the 2021 Campaign. The funds are distributed among 12,952 farmers who have applied for fruit, vegetables and greenhouse production," the executive said. Director of SFA - RA.

   Nikolay Kavardzhikliev stressed that publicity and transparency in the work of the institution will be upgraded and optimized. The spending of the funds from the national budget and the European funds, which the institution administers, will be closely monitored. Any action will be taken in accordance with the law.

   “I also prioritize digitalization in the Paying Agency's systems, where a lot of work is ahead. The implementation of this task is late, but I am convinced that together with the farmers we will find the right solutions to meet the challenges we will face tomorrow”, said Kavardzhikliev.


     11 March 2022                               SF “Agriculture”- PA



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