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OLAF and SF Agriculture agreed to work together and in partnership in fight against fraud

   Acting Deputy Director General of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) Ernesto Bianchi and Executive Director of the State Fund for Agriculture Boris Mihailov held an online meeting at the end of last year. Representatives of both institutions also took part in it. This is the first such meeting between OLAF and the State Fund for Agriculture.

   The Executive Director of the Fund introduced the management team, as well as the Director of the Anti-Fraud Directorate. Ernesto Bianchi also presented the team working against fraud with European funds in Bulgaria, outlining the key moments of their work.

   The State Fund for Agriculture, as the Paying Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria, is an institution guided by the principles of good governance and control over the use of EU funds in the field of agriculture and fisheries. Our long-term vision is focused on efficiency, legality and transparency of the institution's activities, and this invariably includes ensuring the counteraction to fraud attempts, "said Boris Mihailov during the meeting. He stressed that the State Fund "Agriculture" - Paying Agency must meet public expectations for legality, transparency and openness in the administrative process, intolerance of attempts at corruption and misuse of European and national funds.

   The Acting Deputy Director-General of OLAF and his team expressed their readiness to cooperate with the SFA and to take action to prevent fraud with European funds.

   The two sides agreed to establish a clear and precise procedure for communication, both at management and expert level. This will ensure the timely exchange of information, which will contribute to building a preventive mechanism in the fight against fraud and the lawful use of EU funds.


27 January 2022                               SF “Agriculture”- PA


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