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The Paying Agency starts the receipt of projects under Measure 111 of RDP – Training, information and diffusion of knowledge


From 18 October to 30 November 2010 г.the Paying Agency will accept projects under Measure 11 – Training, information and diffusion of knowledge under the Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2007 – 2013
     Measure 111 provides funding for training through courses and information activities in the filed of agriculture and forestry. The measure aims at raising the qualification of farmers and forest owners, as well as of farm workers. The training of farmers is free.
    The funding is granted to training organizations, which could be public or private institutions in the system of professional education and training, licensed according to the Bulgarian legislation and registered pursuant to the Law on Professional Education and Training, as well as higher education institutions registered under the Law on Higher Education. 
     In addition, as regards training through information activities non-economic legal persons are also eligible for financing, as well as research institutes in the field of agriculture and forestry, land management and environment.  
     In order to apply training organization must develop training projects containing the following:
- detailed curricula for each course or information activity with justified subject of training; planned number of trainees; planned regions of activities; budget; timing of each course and information activity.
     Eligible courses can contain up to 150 classes and short-term courses - up to 30 classes. Funding is granted also to information activities such as seminars, information sessions or workshops with duration from 6 to 18 hours. Course subjects can cover different areas of plant growing, livestock breeding and agro-environment.
     It should be clear that the eligible training is not part of regular curricula or systems for training in agriculture and forestry in high or higher education schools.  Eligible for funding are activities of training under projects implemented throughout the territory of the country and the total duration of all activities per project cannot exceed 18 months.
    Financial aid covers 100 % of total approved expenditure. Costs covered by the Paying Agency under the measure are those incurred for development of a curriculum, the training itself, rental of premises, provision of training materials, payment of lecturers’ fees, travel and administrative expenses for organization and management.
    The maximum eligible aid for the training of one individual cannot exceed the BGN equivalent of 1750 EUR for courses of 150 classes, the BGN equivalent of 350 EUR for courses of 30 classes, as well as the BGN equivalent of 210 EUR for informational activities.
    It should be noted that interim payments are eligible as regards projects for training in more than one course or more than one information activity and under the condition that the amount of each interim payment exceeds the BGN equivalent of 8000 EUR.
    18 October 2010                                SF Agriculture – Paying Agency

17 899 635 BGN

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