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Ministry of Agriculture

SF Agriculture paid nearly BGN 643 million under SAPS for the 2021 Campaign

    The State Fund Agriculture - Paying Agency (SFA - PA) transferred to farmers the subsidies under the Single Area Payment Scheme for Campaign 2021. A total of BGN 642,793,899 was paid to 54,067 farmers. The SAPS calculations were performed after finalization of the procedure for clarifying the affiliation of the identified double-declared areas and according to the data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture on the project of a specialized layer "Eligible areas" for Campaign 2021. The indicative rate under the 2021 Campaign scheme for authorizations in December is set at 191.53 BGN/hectare.
    Since the 2015 Campaign to date the SAPS rate for authorizations in December has been determined on the basis of the total area declared under the scheme (during the specific campaign) and the estimated budget under the scheme, in line with the budget ceilings in Annex II to Regulation (EU) No. 1307/2013, which amounts to BGN 735,899,087 for 2021.
     The project of the specialized layer "Areas eligible for support" (AES), being a part of the Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS), updated by decryption (reading) of a new digital orthophoto map (DOM) of the country based on aerial and satellite surveys and by incorporating the results of field inspections conducted during the year by the regional and municipal structures of the Ministry of Agriculture, is used in the calculation of the due support in December.
    The final authorizations and payments under SAPS are made annually, after approval of final data for the AES layer. The performance of initial calculations and authorizations under the scheme with an indicative rate based on available budget and declared area under the scheme for the relevant year and the data from the draft EAS layer for the payments in December of the application year is a mechanism that allows farmers to receive initial SAPS support already within the calendar year of application.
    For Campaign 2019, the level of support paid in December 2019 amounted to 191.45 BGN/hectare, and the initially determined amount of support for Campaign 2020 was 210.17 BGN/hectare. The reason for the higher indicative rate in 2020 is the increase in the total available EAGF budget. In order to limit the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting difficulties for the agricultural sector, in 2020 pursuant to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1424 of 8 October 2020 funds were transferred from ERDF to the EAGF. As a result, the SAPS budget was increased by additional BGN 65,611,223 for the 2020 Campaign.
   The total declared area under SAPS for Campaign 2019 amounts to 3,870,574.12 hectares with budget of BGN 741,021,327 under the scheme for 2019 . The total declared SAPS area for the 2020 Campaign is 3,841,704.27 hectares with a budget of BGN 807,424,649. The total declared SAPS area for Campaign 2021 is 3,842,276.24 hectares and available budget of BGN 735,899,087. The final amount of support per hectare under the 2021 Campaign scheme will be determined by order of the Minister of Agriculture after approval of the final scope of the EAS layer. On this basis, the State Fund Agriculture - PA will make final authorizations under SAPS in June 2022.


                  16 December 2021                               SF Agriculture – PA


17 899 635 BGN

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