SFA increased the budget for investments in farms by nearly 4.9 million EUR


The budget for disbursement in the first call under sub-measure 4.1 Investments in agricultural holdings of the  RDP 2014 – 2020 was increased by the BGN equivalent of 14 851 200 EUR for already received applications for aid.

Published in News on 31.05.2016

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SFA will disburse 94 million BGN under the tobacco scheme for 2015 claim year


Financial aid amounting to 94 million BGN under the decoupled Scheme for transitional national support for tobacco was approved by the Managing Board of SF Agriculture.

Published in News on 17.05.2016

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More than 3 million BGN were paid for lost harvest


State Fund Agriculture paid 3 310 263 BGN to farmers under the state aid scheme for compensation of losses caused by natural disasters and unfavourable climate conditions in 2015.

Published in News on 03.05.2016

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Nearly 900 young farmers received aid in April


SFA proceeds with the payment of the first tranche to beneficiaries with signed contracts for support under the measure for start-up aid to young farmers of the Rural Development Programme 2014 -2020.

Published in News on 27.04.2016

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425 million BGN green direct aid is paid


SF Agriculture paid 425 million BGN under the Scheme for payments for agricultural practices favourable to the climate and environment – green direct payments.

Published in News on 26.04.2016

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Rumen Porodzanov: SFA strictly applies the procedures for control of rural development aid


“I declare most responsibly that SFA, in its capacity of Paying Agency, strictly applies all procedures for calling, contracting, payment and ex-post control” the executive director Rumen Porodzanov stated at a news conference in April, organized to present the work of the Fund

Published in News on 22.04.2016

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12 август 2016
Приключва приемът на заявления по подмярка 6.3 „Стартова помощ за развитието на малки стопанства“ от ПРСР 2014-2020
12 август 2016 г.
Започва прием на заявления по Училищните схеми за доставка на плодове и зеленчуци/мляко и млечни продукти за учебната 2016/2017 г.
15 август 2016
Започва прием на заявления по Училищните схеми за доставка на плодове и зеленчуци/мляко и млечни продукти за учебната 2016/2017 г.
31 август 2016 г.
Приключва приемът на заявления по схема за Държавна помощ за създаване и поддържане на родословна книга и за определяне продуктивността и генетичните качества на животните (втори транш).


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